Masthead Data 𝗑 Yalo

Masthead Helps Yalo Achieve Data Integrity Across Teams in 2 Months After the Adoption

About Yalo
Yalo is a conversational commerce software company that allows businesses to connect with their customers and enhance their outreach and sales strategies through personalized conversation flows in messaging apps, such as WhatsApp. Yalo’s no-code solution enables businesses to reach out to potential customers, build relationships, and close sales at scale. Yalo works with the most important CPG, Retail and Finance companies in LATAM.

About Masthead
Masthead Data is a data reliability platform designed to help data engineers and analysts pinpoint data anomalies and their root causes in real time with the help of machine learning. Masthead distinguishes itself through its privacy-first architecture: the platform does not need direct access to the client’s data and never transfers data outside of the client’s environment.

How We Worked Together

The Challenge
Yalo is a large company with teams operating across countries. Each unit, region, and user environment generates different data inputs. Data arrives in many formats and at different speeds. These differences make it hard to determine standard behavior and forecast behavior patterns.

Yalo’s data engineering team gathers data from each source and combines it into Google BigQuery and Cloud Storage for business use.

Yet, Yalo needed help establishing data origins and properties across the organization. The lack of shared knowledge often resulted in inaccurate data outputs. This disconnection made it challenging for decision-makers and users to rely on the data.

The Solution
Masthead Data observes all tables inside Google BigQuery, consuming only cloud-native logs. This was an essential factor for Yalo as it aligns with the company’s high-security standards. The partnership doesn’t expose any of Yalo’s data to catch anomalies or errors. Masthead’s ability to assess the data comprehensively is another benefit. The platform’s non-compromise approach to security allows it to assess the quality of all data in

 Google BigQuery, including the most sensitive data. Yalo has found a trustworthy partner to provide a complete view of its data without gaps or inconsistencies.

The Results
Yalo saw positive changes within two months after onboarding with Masthead. They became able to tackle data integrity issues and fix the root causes of various problems. Masthead Data has caught real-time errors in data and anomalies, saving Yalo hours. This enables Yalo’s data team to react quickly to findings and share them across the organization. Thanks to partnering with Masthead, Yalo has gained complete visibility of its data flows. Through this new perspective, they can streamline workflows and solve issues faster.

“Masthead has in a way given us a framework to guide our decisions. Before, the team would spend hours and hundreds of messages on Slack to decide where the problem was and if there was a problem at all. We needed a way to look at everything at once, from one common point of view,” says Joseph Arriola, Senior Data Manager at Yalo. “With Masthead, everyone on the team can instantly see where the problem is coming from and how it’s affecting our work and our stakeholders.”