Boosting Data Team Productivity: Tranzzo's Success Story with Masthead - A Security and Privacy-First Data Observability Solution

About Tranzzo

Tranzzo is a global payment service that assists entrepreneurs all over the world in receiving and sending online payments. One of Tranzzo’s key offerings is its white-label PSP (payment service provider) platform, which enables individuals to become payment providers and process card payments using their own branding. With Tranzzo’s white-label PSP offering, customers receive a complete IT infrastructure, the ability to accept a range of popular payment methods, and 24/7 support for their branded payment gateway. Tranzzo  works with Apple Pay and Google Pay, enables users to make payments via messaging platforms, manages payment cascading and routing, and handles card tokenization. Processing over 10 million transactions per month globally, Tranzzo is an ideal option for online learning platforms, online stores, and delivery organizations seeking to automate their recurring payments, establish top-notch payment security, and enhance their overall service quality.


Tranzzo provides a White Label solution suitable for small payment service providers (PSPs) and large companies looking to expand by building their own payment system. The White Label solution comprises three products – Orchestrator, SaaS, and Enterprise. 


The orchestrator product is offered for businesses that require particular currencies and payment methods. This solution allows companies to offer their customers both card processing (international and regional cards) and alternative payment methods that simplify operations in local markets. For example, SEPA instant transfers are popular in Europe, UPI in India, PIX e-wallet in Brazil, and WeChatPay in China. With Tranzzo’s Orchestrator product, businesses can easily provide their clients with various payment options that cater to local market preferences.


The SaaS PSP is a classic White Label product that enables companies to establish a complete payment ecosystem under their own branding. Tranzzo’s Enterprise product involves the development of the PSP or its components from scratch, according to the customer’s requirements by Tranzzo’s team. 


One of the significant advantages of the White Label solution is saving time and costs for launching a payment service. Developing your own PSP takes approximately two years and costs roughly $4 million. Tranzzo’s system allows for setting up a payment service and accepting payments within a month, thereby starting to earn sooner.

About Masthead Data

Masthead Data is a FINRA-compliant data observability platform that helps data engineers and analysts pinpoint data anomalies and identify their root causes in real time. This helps customers stay on top of any issues with their data and increase data teams’ productivity without putting data privacy and security at risk. Masthead doesn’t run SQL queries to detect data anomalies, processing cloud logs and metadata instead.

How We Worked Together

The Challenge

Tranzzo processes 10+ million transactions on a monthly basis, which involves recording and storing terabytes of transaction-related data. Their operations are incredibly complex, involving a wide variety of data products and storage systems along with hundreds of data pipelines. Since Tranzzo handles transactions from all around the world, its operations have to comply with all data privacy and security requirements worldwide, which is a challenge.


To handle high data loads, Tranzzo needs to detect issues with their data pipelines in real time. This allows them to keep the data infrastructure running efficiently and deliver superb services to all clients globally. To achieve this, visibility and control over data infrastructure is critical, as is collaboration in solving detected issues. Tranzzo had to adopt data observability to manage real-time data loads, provide various teams with data visibility, and ensure compliance with financial industry data management and protection requirements.

The Solution

With Masthead Data, Tranzzo started detecting data anomalies in real time. Once an anomaly or error occurs, Masthead notifies the data team in real time. This helps them to promptly communicate the issue to the appropriate team or teams via Jira or Slack. Masthead also provides a clear visualization of data lineage, fostering a shared understanding between data teams and data producers and facilitating quicker collaboration in resolving data issues. Both data team members and data producers can use Masthead to identify the root cause of an anomaly and its downstream impact on the data infrastructure. This approach has helped Tranzzo reduce investigation and resolution times for anomalies from hours to mere minutes.

Unlike most data observability tools that require data access, Masthead is tailored to Tranzzo’s regulatory compliance needs, as it is secure by design. Masthead analyzes only cloud logs and metadata to detect anomalies in the data infrastructure, which eliminates the risk of violating data protection requirements. Also, Masthead’s secure and regulatory-compliant architecture allowed Tranzzo’s data teams to onboard the solution almost immediately without any pushback from data security specialists.

The Results

Collaboration with Masthead gave Tranzzo many benefits, enabling them to take their data-driven practices to the next level. Thanks to Masthead, Tranzzo achieved better observability and visibility of their data infrastructure and embraced a much faster and better-structured approach to solving data anomalies. Rather than detecting and resolving issues in an ad-hoc manner, Tranzzo now has a powerful solution for identifying any anomalies as they occur, allowing them to address problems well before they can substantially impact the infrastructure. Masthead does not require access to the actual data within Tranzzo’s pipelines, making it an ideal match in terms of compliance with PCI DSS, which calls for the complete security of cardholders’ data.

Masthead played a crucial role in Tranzzo’s efforts to improve their data management and achieve higher levels of data trust. By using Masthead, Tranzzo was able to reduce the rate of crucial data absence by 20% to 30%, which had a significant impact on their overall data management practices. This improvement allowed Tranzzo to rely on their data infrastructure more confidently and make better-informed decisions based on available data.

“Achieving team effectiveness in data management is critical for rapidly growing companies. Masthead allowed us to control all aspects of data management without compromising data security, which is vital for the fintech industry!” – Yurii Gorbylov, CTO at Tranzzo