26 Dec 2022

Lineage improvements

Effective data governance is critical for making informed and reliable decisions. As data engineers handle vast amounts of data at high speeds, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the origin and transformation of the data. This is where data lineage comes in – it helps to ensure that the data being used is trustworthy, accurately transformed, and stored in the correct location. By tracking the lineage of data, organizations can ensure that strategic decisions are based on high-quality data.

We are excited to announce an update to our data lineage:

  • Visual enhancements to help identify data assets that have been impacted by anomalies or errors.
  • Users can now view the type of every field within the data lineage, providing greater clarity and detail in the tracking of data transformation.
Courtesy of Masthead Data

Masthead Lineage feature now includes visual highlighting to clearly identify tables that have been impacted by data anomalies or errors. Grey highlighting is also used to show downstream tables or views that may be affected by these errors. 

In addition, we have carefully evaluated the color contrast of our Masthead UI and data lineage tools to ensure they meet accessibility standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This includes considerations for individuals with color blindness, making our platform more inclusive for all users.

The Masthead Lineage now provides types of data in column-level lineage, allowing data engineers quickly see the types of data within each column.

Courtesy of Masthead Data.

This level of granularity is crucial for understanding the transformation and flow of data and its use downstream.

14 Nov 2022

Jira Integration

Masthead takes a solid step towards more efficient issue management. From now on, you can immediately find people associated with the detected data errors and collaborate to solve data issues faster. Jira integration enables: 

  • More control over issue detection and solution process.
  • More convenient interface for data teams responsible for data processing. 

How does this feature work?

When you review a particular error in a table (dataset, project), if applicable, you can see a service account that is associated with this error.

Use the “Push to Jira” button to automatically create a Jira ticket that can be populated to the Jira board of the appropriate team to resolve it faster.  

The team will receive the notification about the new ticket. The ticket includes the problem summary, details, and a description or other required information. After that, the appropriate team can timely start analyzing and resolving the data issue without any back-and-forth messages needed for problem clarification. This allows you to speed up task delivery and distribution, as well as helps you process the problem in the shortest terms.

Once the Jira ticket is created at Masthead UI, you can check its number and status until it is resolved. So everyone on the team has a shared understanding if someone takes care of the data issue and its progress.