Leave no data issue overlooked

  • Uncover data anomalies in BigQuery and beyond
  • Know when any pipeline fails across data platforms
  • Enhance data team productivity and cut wasteful compute costs

  • Metadata & Logs access only.
  • 15-minute deployment. 5-hour time to value.

Bring every data & pipeline issue to the surface

Surface and solve data issues at their source in minutes.
Build data trust across your entire GCP-based organization.

Get ahead of data Issues Icon

Get ahead of data Issues

Real time alerts on data anomalies and pipeline errors powered by ML
Trouble shoot data issues fast Icon

Trouble shoot data issues fast

Spot and debug pipeline errors with instant alerts of malfunctions in your Google Cloud Project
See all dataflows and their costs Icon

See all dataflows and their costs

Improve data discoverability and gain data trust with column-level lineage

Trusted by Google Cloud

Masthead Data is proud to be a validated solution partner.

Why data teams choose Masthead

Most data observability tools require access to your most sensitive data. Masthead reimagines data reliability to be non-intrusive.

Masthead only accesses metadata and logs
HIPAA & GDPR Compliant out-of-the-box
Bypass security checks and fulfill regulatory requirements quickly


Build data platforms you can trust

Masthead is the all-in-one platform for modern data reliability engineering on Google Cloud.

anomaly detection

Know when systems or data pipelines fail. Automatically monitor every table, pipeline, and model running in your data environment, regardless of scale.


  • Speed up resolution
  • No additional compute costs
  • Real-time notifications

Continuous pipeline observability

Stay on top of your data platform health. Immediately see failures, their reason, the owner of the affected pipeline, and its downstream effects.


  • Understand failures and causes
  • Real-time notifications
  • No ETL integrations required

Ensure and sustain data quality

Masthead evaluates data quality through rule-based checks in Google BigQuery without directly accessing or querying data


  • No-code deployment ready in minutes
  • Eliminate custom dbt and SQL testing
  • Checks exist and run only in your GCP

Column-level lineage and metadata management 

Navigate complex data flows to pinpoint the root cause of data incidents and their downstream impacts.


  • Column-level lineage available in 30 minutes
  • Navigate data flows and find data products in CloudSQL, Google BigQuery and Looker
  • Improve data discoverability and accessibility

Elevate Data Cost Consciousness

Know the true cost of your data products. See how each data pipeline dynamically contributes to your cloud spending.


  • Reveal orphan pipelines, dashboards
  • Optimize data models to be more cost efficient

Data teams who love our work

Masthead enabled us to elevate data trust at Tranzzo, empowering our organization to make data-informed decisions with confidence. With Masthead, our team can collaboratively maintain complete control over all data tables and pipeline health, and ensure data reliability at scale and available to every business user in time. Shortly after deploying, Masthead enabled us to reduce the rate of crucial data absence by 30%.

Yurii Gorbylov


Before Masthead, the team would spend hours and hundreds of messages on Slack to decide where the problem was and if there was a problem at all. We needed a way to look at everything at once, from one common point of view. With Masthead, everyone on the team can instantly see where the problem is coming from and how it’s affecting our work and our stakeholders.

Joseph Arriola

Senior Data Manager

In just 24 hours of onboarding, we uncovered a handful of pesky queries that were wreaking havoc on our project’s compute costs. With Masthead help we slashed our cloud compute expenses by a staggering 20% by swiftly pinpointing and eliminating an unnecessary process.

Andrii Yasinetsky


Ensuring data quality and uptime is of utmost importance to us. We required a secure and cost-effective way to monitor and control our data pipelines. Masthead’s log-based approach offers a comprehensive view of data quality in BigQuery, akin to how DataDog functions for software infrastructure. Masthead ensures that our data pipelines are up and running, thereby guaranteeing no outages in our data system.

Shanhui Bono

Lead Data Engineer

Masthead instantly notifies us of any data or pipeline issues and helps our team troubleshoot and resolve these issues without guesswork. The visual lineage provides a comprehensive view of data flows, dependencies, and the potential impacts of data issues, thereby reducing the time it takes us to triage and act on root cause.

Oksana Sheidaieva

Head of Analytics

Built for data teams who love GCP

Ease of deployment Icon

Ease of deployment

Deploy in 15 minutes, achieve complete observability in just 5 hours.
No data intrusion Icon

No data intrusion

Gain comprehensive data observability without ever granting third-party access.
Out-of-the-box data reliability Icon

Out-of-the-box data reliability

Instantly see pipeline performance, outages, and costs without manual set-up.