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Stop ignoring bad data

Let your team be first one to know and first one to fix it.

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Can you trust your data?

Data teams worldwide encounter broken dashboards, corrupted analytics, and poor-performing machine learning models because they did not know that data pipelines have failed. The worst part comes when C-level management makes decisions based on corrupted data, which results in revenue loss.

Masthead have you covered

Masthead is a data-observability platform that helps you to monitor and control the performance of all pipelines across your entire data environment. Masthead let your data team know first where and what data has failed. Masthead empowers not only the data teams but entire organizations to succeed using reliable data in their business decisions.

How does it work?

  • Learn and observe

    Masthead observe and analyze your data using ML, while data never leaves your contour

  • Monitors

    Masthead uses ML to monitor health of your data across entire data warehouse

  • bell23


    Once data anomalies detected, Masthead notifies about it

Masthead there for you

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Data never leaves your environment

Data security matters more than ever, Masthead architecture is designed not to extract the data from your environment

Seamless, no-code on-boarding

Masthead is an out-of-the-box solution that integrates with your existing stack

Got you covered end-to-end

Single view of your data pipelines quality and health covered across your environment

Know fast the problem and its root cause

Instantly know what happened to your data and where. When issue happens Masthead notifies and help identify precisely the root cause of the data downtime

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You are not alone, each business that pursuit data-driven culture struggles to maintain data quality