Get Data Observability without Sacrificing Data Privacy

Masthead doesn’t need access to your data. It only ingests cloud logs and metadata. Masthead provides end-to-end data observability, anomaly detection, column-level lineage, and real-time issue alerts right out of the box. We do not run a single SQL query on your data. Hence, we don’t increase your cloud billing at all

Ensure Data Quality without Querying Your Data

Masthead uses ML to give you the full picture of your data health in real time. We monitor every data table, view, and external table for freshness, row count, and schema changes. Masthead doesn’t access your actual data to detect data issues. Instead, it works with data logs and metadata to find anomalies and data errors. Masthead gives you complete confidence in the quality of data for decision making without compromising data security.

Track how Data Flows from Insertion to Destination

Masthead automatically builds column-level lineage for data flows from the moment of injection to the moment the data meets its consumer. Once a data issue happens, we highlight what data upstreams and downstreams have been affected. Masthead speeds up the data quality analysis by helping you root-cause data issues down to a single field in your tables.

Achieve Data Reliability without Increasing Cloud Costs

There’s no increased cloud cost associated with Masthead because we don’t run SQL queries in your data warehouse. Unlike any other solution available on the market, Masthead only processes logs and metadata. We help you ensure data quality in a sustainable way and keep your cloud costs down.

Stay on Top of Data Health with Real-time Alerts

Masthead alerts you about data issues in real time because we process data logs rather than data itself. Masthead seamlessly integrates with Slack and Jira to deliver alerts you won’t miss. We pack along the details of the data issue, such as where it occurred and what went wrong. This reduces the time for root cause analysis from hours to several minutes to help you streamline your data quality control and data assurance activities.

Why is Data Reliability?

Stéphane Hamel Strategic advisor, pre-seed investor, analyst, speaker, teacher

There is no doubt that poor data quality can lead to bad decisions, but even worse would be the make the right decisions on bad data. And if, by misfortune, you automate this decision process with artificial intelligence, the result could be catastrophic. Masthead monitors, finds, and helps you correct data errors so you can trust your decisions.

Derric Gilling Moesif CEO

While being data-driven is critical in today’s world, data is useless if you can't trust it. Decision making from from bad or low quality data can cause expensive mistakes. Having the right tooling and SLAs in place for monitoring data integrity is critical for any team looking to ensure trust in their data.

    Control the Data Health at Scale

    Security-first architecture

    Data security matters. With Masthead as your data quality solution, you can rest assured the data never leaves its original environment.

    Seamless, no-code onboarding

    Get an out-of-the-box solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure and technology stack.

    Streamlined data governance

    Free yourself from manual data troubleshooting while staying on top of the data with real-time alerts on data errors.