June 27, 2024

Introducing integration of Masthead and PagerDuty

Yuliia Tkachova
Co-founder & CEO, Masthead Data

A data observability solution alone will not make your data platform reliable.

It’s the data team, who takes accountability for the data products they provide that can ensure reliability. Data observability solutions can help surface problems within the data platform. The question is whether your data team wants to know what is happening with their pipelines, data tables, operational costs, costs of connected solutions, poorly written pipelines, and so on. Still, knowing alone this is not enough.

The problem with data is that it changes frequently, not just due to business requirements but also because of user behaviour, connectivity of different data stack solutions, service availability, etc. Your data team understands better than anyone or any solution what the data should look like. Let’s say they have robust observability in place and alerts for all sorts of anomalies in their data platform. However, it is meaningless if workflows around data issues and their priorities are still lacking.

Data Observability surfaces problems, and the data team – resolves them. If there are no workflows around data issues, most likely, they will keep firing and slightly add stress and annoyance to the data team. 

At Masthead, we offer a high level of flexibility to our users. They can customize any asset from P3 to P0, choose anomalies that affect only Looker dashboards, or receive only weekly reports about cost consumption. They can also create as many Slack channels as they need, allowing them to interact with anomalies directly in Slack, create Jira tickets with one click, set the sensitivity for any asset, and mute any anomalies. We tailor alerts and reduce noise to help teams focus on what matters, accommodating their unique needs and preferences.

We took it a step further for teams determined to build enterprise-level data products and ensure no critical issue is overlooked by introducing integration with PagerDuty.

PagerDuty is the best-in-class notification service, allowing all our customers to build the workflows they need. It is phenomenal for building escalation policies and routing alerts to receive pages, phone calls, emails, or mobile push alerts based on an on-call schedule they configure from events triggered in Masthead.

The integration takes just two clicks. We are excited to support our clients in building bespoke reliability for their data platforms, providing them with enhanced and flexible workflows to troubleshoot any data issues. This support is designed to give you peace of mind and reassurance in the reliability of your data platform.