Get real-time notificationswhen data breaks

Data quality monitoringat scale

Masthead provides an out-of-the-box ML algorithm that monitors data quality across your entire database. We only access logs to monitor data quality, which means we are HIPAA compliant and there are no downgrades to your data security standards.

Set thresholds for anomalies yourself

The Masthead ML model adjusts itself along with your data, and you can also adjust it to your expectations with dynamic sensitivity thresholds. So you set the maximum and minimum value limits to increase the efficiency of notifications.

Opt-in and opt-out of notifications

Make alerts meaningful and targeted. You can prioritize individual tables to stay alerted at all times for what matters most, and mute notifications for tables that are out of your radar at the moment.

Choose your alert channels

Find out about data quality issues in real time. Once an anomaly happens, Masthead notifies you via any channel of your choice: Slack, PagerDuty, Emails, or Telegram.