Do you know how much it costs to run pipelines in your Google Cloud?
(we know you don’t.)

Masthead data observes every job happening in your Google Cloud and knows how much it costs you to run pipelines and models so you know where your cloud compute spend goes

Cut thousands dollars off your cloud spend in an afternoon

  • Get cost attribution for your Google Cloud ecosystem, including Looker, Fivetran, dbt, Dataform, and custom pipelines in minutes.
  • Compare cloud resource consumption and associated costs for various data models and pipelines over a specific timeframe.
  • Get a comprehensive cost breakdown for each individual data pipeline and query.


Get insights for your data FinOps to pinpoint opportunities to optimize your cloud spend.

In just 24 hours of onboarding, we uncovered a handful of pesky queries that were wreaking havoc on our project's compute costs. With Masthead help we slashed our cloud compute expenses by a staggering 20% by swiftly pinpointing and eliminating an unnecessary process

Andrii Yasinetsky Co-Founder, Mnemonic

    AI helps you optimize your SQL queries
    (Because everyone needs AI these days)

    AI helps you optimize your SQL queries (Because everyone needs AI these days)

    Masthead shows the origin and implications of data anomalies and pipeline errors on data consumers. Masthead maps data issues on lineage, so you can troubleshoot within minutes, not hours. Get ahead of bugs.

    Data observability through logs and metadata - no data read access, no SQL

    Get data observability for Google Cloud and BigQuery to see data anomalies, pipeline errors, and schema changes via logs and column level lineage without ever touching or reading your data.

    See all the errors in your data environment in real time

    See all the errors in your data environment in real time

    1. Whether you store and process up-to-date data;
    2. Completeness of data received;
    3. Unauthorized schema changes;
    4. Other errors in tables or pipelines, like an invalid character, a syntax error, or any other cloud malfunction;

    Installation takes minutes, and because we only look at the logs and metadata there are never any hazards to your data.