August 21, 2023

Masthead is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Yuliia Tkachova
Co-founder & CEO, Masthead Data

We are excited to announce that Masthead Data is available on the Google Cloud Marketplace so you can use your pre-committed GoogleCloud credits to achieve data observability without sacrificing privacy and without increasing cloud spending.

Masthead gives data teams granular visibility into the health of every table & pipeline in your environment without ever needing to read or query the data. Masthead solely ingests cloud-native logs and metadata, ensuring compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and other data privacy and security regulations at the architectural level.

Additionally, Masthead shows you the cost of running all your pipelines regardless of your ETL. We also have AI to help your team quickly optimize queries or models for cost and performance.

Masthead gives GCP data teams

  • Freshness and volume for all time series tables in your Google BigQuery
  • Schema changes
  • Detection of any pipeline malfunctions and cloud errors
  • Column-level lineage

For inquiries, contact our team

Masthead provides the data team with full visibility into any table anomalies and pipeline errors in your BigQuery, all without ever reading or querying your data. Masthead allows data engineers to stay on top of their data environment within minutes: no tedious setup, no data mapping, and no custom queries. With seamless integration of logs and metadata, Masthead helps achieve comprehensive coverage of the data environment without compromising data security or privacy. Masthead lets data teams know in real-time when something breaks before it impacts the data users.