August 20, 2021

Data Therapist Vol.1: 5 real-life stories when data wreck not only business

Yuliia Tkachova
Co-founder & CEO, Masthead Data

Please welcome the first session of Data Therapist, where Yuliia Tkachova, CEO and co-founder @ Masthead with Anastasiia Chausova, Senior Digital Analyst @ Adevinta speaks about loudest 5 real-life stories when bad data wrecked not only businesses.

In the webinar, Yuliia and Anastasia discuss five real-life stories that illustrate the importance of data quality and the consequences of poor data decisions.

The first story is about the Trump administration accidentally sending $1.4 billion in relief payments to dead people. This happened because the table used to make the decision was not updated with the death registry.

The second story is about Netflix going down for 45 minutes in 2015. This happened because the data team accidentally created duplicate objects, which the application was not designed to handle.

The third story is about NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter spacecraft, which was destroyed shortly after launch in 1999 because the software used imperial units while the spacecraft engineers used metric units.

The fourth story is about Yuliia’s experience working on a product that collected user behavioral data from clients’ websites and transferred it to Google BigQuery. On her second day of work, she received an email from one of their biggest clients threatening to cancel their subscription because the data delivery was not on time.

The fifth story is about Anastasia’s experience working on a data warehouse project. She talks about the importance of data observability and the need to proactively monitor data quality.

The webinar also discusses some of the challenges of data quality and how to improve data quality. Some of the tips mentioned in the webinar include automating data health metrics, documenting schema changes, and monitoring human changes to data.

Overall, this webinar is a valuable resource for anyone who works with data. The stories and tips shared by Yuliia and Anastasia can help you to understand the importance of data quality and how to avoid making poor data decisions.