Data Observability without data access

See the impact of data issues without running SQL. We analyze your logs and metadata to identify freshness and volumes anomalies, schema changes in tables, pipeline errors, and their blast radius effects on your business.

Automate anomaly detection out-of-the-box at scale

Masthead observes every table, process, script, and dashboard in the data warehouse and connected BI tools for anomalies, alerting data teams in real-time if any data failures occur.

In 24 hour after installation Masthead caught the schema change error, that saved us at least the day of investigation.
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Joseph Arriola
Senior Data Manager

Build credibility for your data team across the organization

Masthead shows the origin and implications of data anomalies and pipeline errors on data consumers. Masthead maps data issues on lineage, so you can troubleshoot within minutes, not hours. Get ahead of bugs.

Masthead enables us to collaboratively maintain complete control over all data tables and pipeline health, ensuring data reliability at scale. What's more important, meeting all data security and privacy regulations in the fintech industry.
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Yurii Gorbylov

Achieve observability within hours without ever accessing the data

Masthead is compliant with all data privacy and security regulations on an architectural level. It analyzes only data logs and metadata, allowing us to pass rigorous security checks within days. As a result, you can deploy Masthead within 15 minutes and achieve data observability within hours.

We get a comprehensive view of all processes in GCP without giving access to our data was a game-changer for us. It saved us both time and money.
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Shenhui Bono
Lead Data Engineer

Know the cost of every single data pipeline in your GCP

Gain visibility into the cost of each pipeline running in your cloud, regardless of ETL. Masthead also has AI-powered recommendations to help you optimize your models and queries. 

In just 24 hours of onboarding, we uncovered a handful of pesky queries that were wreaking havoc on our project's compute costs. With Masthead help we slashed our cloud compute expenses by a staggering 20% by swiftly pinpointing and eliminating an unnecessary process.
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Andrii Yasinetsky

Achieve observability within hours without ever accessing the data

It takes 15 min to connect Masthead to all assets in your data warehouse.  

Choose your path to deploy Masthead:

  1. 2 clicks through Google OAuth 2.0
  2. Manually create resources in your GCP (just like any BI tool)